New Year, New Health!

I’ve always considered myself a fairly healthy person. My dad works in healthcare and is a fitness nut and my mom grew up on a farm with home-grown everything. I grew up dancing 4-5 days a week and my mom cooked the majority of our meals and packed my lunch every day. Nowadays, I practice yoga 3-5 times a week and am somewhat conscious of what I put into my body. I try to eat vegetables every day,  don’t smoke, mostly avoid fast food, and try to choose healthier options when available. However, my idea of healthy eating has really evolved over the past few years.

When I in college, healthy living was drinking two nights a week instead of three, and not eating the entire pizza at 2 a.m. (oh, those were the days.) Post-grad, eating healthy was Smart Ones and Lean Pockets for lunch. A few years ago I bought a juicer and got really into green juicing, and after that came my NutriBullet. Presently, I am still a big fan of juicing, but all of the produce I had to constantly buy was too much upkeep to make it a daily habit. I found that smoothies gave me much more bang for my buck–I could use half an apple for a smoothie, whereas I was using two whole ones for a cup of juice. This girl ain’t got the money or refrigerator space for all that!

For the past year or so, I’ve been very reliant on my NutriBullet and smoothies to keep me on track. During the work week I have a smoothie every day for lunch, along with some crackers or nuts.While I don’t mind vegetables, I’m not their biggest fan, and this is the only way I’m going to have a daily intake of spinach, kale and celery. While that’s worked so far, I’ve started getting a little tired of smoothies and feel that I need a bit of a variety. Compound that with eating like a damn whale on a warpath over the holidays and I feel like I need to make a change.

So, my husband and I are on an attempt at better health. Smarter and cleaner eating is the goal. We aren’t sticking to a specific diet, per say, but are just trying to make better decisions as a whole. We’re committing to not ordering delivery or eating out (okay, let’s be real, we are committing to cutting back, not cutting out) and trying to make our at-home meals a bit more from scratch. To be a complete cliche, it’s our New Year’s resolution toward better health and happiness. Now, I’m not at the point of making my own salad dressings, going organic-only, or eating nothing from a can, but I’m making steps in the right direction. For the next few weeks I’ll be posting my meals, recipes, successes and failures. I don’t claim to be an expert or a nutritionist, but I’m doing the best that my regular old full-time job having  self can do. Wish me luck and please share your feedback, I’d love to hear from you experts out there!


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