“Bet Me” by Jennifer Crusie


I remember renting one of Jennifer Crusie’s novels from the library a few years back but never got around to reading it. That was during my college years, so other very important things like homework and studying (more like block parties and naps) likely got in the way. But after reading some of my previous blog posts, a coworker of mine said that I just have to check out her favorite author, Jennifer Crusie, and let me borrow two of her books. I just finished the first one, Bet Me, and I was impressed. A little lighter and more on the comedic romance side then my normal reads, Bet Me was a fun trip through a modern day fairy tale all wrapped up nice and tidy with a happy ending.

Bet Me is about the ups and downs of the relationship (rather, non-relationship) between Min and Cal. The story opens in the local hangout spot where overweight and under-confident Min Dobbs is heartbroken after being dumped by her boyfriend David for not giving it up soon enough. Meanwhile, gorgeous Cal Morrissey is across the bar coincidentally chatting with David, who bets him $10,000 that he can’t Min into bed within a month. Although Cal declines his offer, his best friend Tony insists it is a deal, and Min overhears the whole conversation, after coming over to talk to David. So she agrees to a dinner date with Cal, just to spite them both. Little does she know the can of worms she has opened up with Cal Morrissey.

During dinner Min and Cal both decide they cannot stand each other and neither plans on seeing the other again, until a series of random events keeps bringing them back together. Quickly Min and Cal find that they cannot deny their mutual attraction, but swear to each other that they will keep their feelings in a friend-zone only. But fate has another plan in store for the couple and the two cannot seem to get away from each other, no matter how hard they try.

Crusie’s writing is absolutely hilarious. She had me laughing through the entire book. There are plenty of ironic situations that Min and Cal find themselves in which Crusie writes with such humor. Cal and Min are also surrounded by a great supporting cast that the reader is sure to fall in love with. By the end of the book I wanted to be a part of their group of friends!

The only negative thing I have to say about Bet Me is that at some point it began to feel repetitive. Toward the middle of the book I started to feel like I was re-reading the same chapters over again: Cal and Min like each other but won’t admit to their feelings. Fate brings them together in a chance meeting. They hook up and realize they are crazy for each other. They discuss it and decide they can’t be anything but friends. They vow to stay away from each other. But then fate brings them together again in another chance meeting…and so on and so on. But all of this aside, I was very pleased with my first read from Crusie and will surely be reading more from her in the future.


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