“Good in Bed” by Jennifer Weiner


Okay chick lit fanatics, I can finally say that I have officially read and finished a Jennifer Weiner novel…and I am a converted fan. After a failed attempt at reading In Her Shoes, I sort of wrote off Weiner and her books and never real had much interest in trying another. But after reading so many rave reviews from other bloggers and readers I decided that I was obviously missing something. So thanks to your suggestions, I decided to tackle Good in Bed and give Ms. Weiner another chance. I’m happy that I did! You readers are so smart J

Don’t let the title Good in Bed fool you, this is not some trashy romance novel about the characters’ fetishes and sexcapades…if you’re looking for that, check out Fifty Shades of Grey (see review here!) This is an almost wholesome book, with a little dash of raunchy humor and language. Good in Bed dives deep into the life of Cannie Shaprio,  a woman scored after her ex-boyfriend writes about his trials and tribulations of dating a “bigger woman” (i.e. her)  in a monthly men’s magazine column called “Good in Bed.” Cannie’s embarrassment and infuriation leads her life down a path that she could have never imagined. Although she is the one who dumped Bruce (and although he exposed her intimate habits in great detail for the whole world to know) she cannot help but think she let a good man get away, and spirals into a deep depression over her loss of their relationship. Cannie tries everything she can to get Bruce back, and when he leans on her for comfort after the death of his father, she thinks she might have her chance to get him back. Little does she know that her reunion with Bruce will literally change her life forever.

A constant theme throughout the book is Cannie’s battle with her own weight and self-esteem. No matter what she does she cannot seem to shed the pounds, which severely hinders her life in every form. Readers will ride along with Cannie as she swears off sweets, cycles miles at the gym, and even joins a weight loss clinic, only to yield no results. Until, with the help of some loved ones, she eventually comes to realize that the only person who needs to approve of her body is herself.

Although the meat and potatoes of the plot are rather heavy—Cannie really does encounter some serious life hurdles—Weiner does a fantastic job of lightening the mood by adding hilarious  characters in Cannie’s life including her recently outted  lesbian mom, her crazy rat terrier Nifkin (do you know what “nifkin” is a nickname for? I didn’t know either. But read the book to find out…you’ll be quite amused) a new found friendship with an on-the-verge anorexic girl who also happens to be a Hollywood celebrity, and a 60-something year old coworker set on sabotaging her. A comedic story that isn’t afraid to touch on tough relationships and not-so far-fetched life circumstances, I would recommend Good in Bed to anyone looking to give Jennifer Weiner a try…or, as in my case, a re-try.


3 thoughts on ““Good in Bed” by Jennifer Weiner

  1. I liked Good In Bed, and I was eager to read the sequel, Certain Girls, but was sorely disappointed. The final chapters of the sequel are painful! I respect Jennifer Weiner as a writer–I think she’s one of the best in the women’s fiction genre–but I’ve grown tired of her formulaic books.

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