“Where We Belong” sneak peek!


I think by now you all understand my love for all things Emily Giffin. She is one of the few authors from whom I have read every one of their books. Each one has been fantastic, with Love the One You’re With being my favorite up until this point, and all the rest coming in at a tie for close second. I was browsing through her website and found out the following:

Good news: Emily Giffin has completed her sixth book!

Bad news: It isn’t out quite yet. The release date is not until July 24. However, I checked on Amazon and it has already gotten rave reviews–from all 21 customer reviews.

(Okay, side note, how did 21 customers get the goods before the release?! Apparently there is some program called “the vine” on Amazon where select customers are selected for pre-release reviews, based upon the helpfulness of their reviews on Amazon.com. ……so apparently I am reviewing my books on a media with no payback. Seeeeeee ya, Literette! Just kidding, I would never do that to you. But really, come on people, keep reading my blog so I can get famous and review books before they are open to the general public 🙂  )

More good news!: The generous Ms. Giffin has given us a free preview of the first chapter! Check it out here! I read through it and, not surprisingly, am already hooked. I’m always pleased by how Giffin can keep my attention so easily even without an immense amount of action. She just writes so darn well! I can’t say I was terribly surprised by the “secret” that the main character, Marian, is faced with, but I am incredibly anxious to find out the whole story…pun intended 😉


6 thoughts on ““Where We Belong” sneak peek!

  1. Soo…sometimes I think we might be soulmates. I LOVE EMILY GIFFIN!!! And I cannot WAIT to read her new book.

    1. Zumba, Emily Giffin, Harry Potter…definitely twins 🙂 I love love love her too, she’s incredible. We must discuss after we read the new one!

  2. i love her books too Sarah, i especially love the book, Love the one you’re with! I read everyone of her books.. though Heart of the Matter is heartbreaking and is hard for me to read for some personal reasons.. but i really find all Giffin’s books amazing.

    1. You are so right, Heart of the Matter is very heartbreaking. As is Love the One You’re With. But I appreciate how Giffin is brave enough to always give her books a realistic ending, even though they might not always be a happy one.

    1. Great interview! I especially liked the part where she talks about appreciating characters with flaws, rather than perfect ones. I’ve always been amazed at how I can sympathize with her characters even when they are doing such morally wrong things. Thanks for sharing! I can’t wait to read it either, but I have a few other books on my list before I think I can get to it!

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