“Just Like Me, Only Better” by Carol Snow


Carol Snow is a hidden gem. She is not a name that normally pops up on the chick-lit circle, nor is there a big screen movie based off of her books. But I believe she deserves to be discussed with the likes of Sophie, Lauren, and Emily. Her story lines are light enough to be an escape from your own reality, yet developed enough to make you connect on a deeper level with each of her characters and become invested in their outcome. I happened to stumble upon the first book I read of her’s, Here Today, Gone to Maui when the cover caught my eye at my local Borders (RIP.) Yes, I admit it, I fully judged a book by it’s cover. I was going to the beach, so the beach-y cover and Hawaiian theme seemed perfect. And it was. As soon as I finished, I just had to check out another book by Snow and purchased Just Like Me, Only Better but unfortunately it took me a good while to get around to reading it. What was I waiting for?

Just Like Me, Only Better starts out with Veronica, a single mother experiencing her life in the dumps. An aspiring elementary school teacher, she can’t seem to find a job, or keep a husband. Her’s has recently left her and her young son Ben for life and marraige with an Orange County real estate agent and cougar, Darcy. Veronica’s life in Orange County could not be any more ordinary, blending in and slipping by.

Except, for the one thing that makes her stand out in a crowd–her striking resemblance to the coming-of-age television star, Haley Rush.Veronica has become immune to the constant ask for an autograph or a picture when out in public, and brushes it aside as a no-big-deal mistaken identity. Until one day a chance meeting with Haley’s assistant lands her a job she could never have imagined.

Troubled Haley has–well, let fame go to her head. The young starlet has gone a little bit wild and over the edge, losing her perfect body and tarnishing her “good girl” persona. Haley’s management team think it might be a good idea for her to lay low and get some rest, and try to recover her image. So they hire Veronica to become Haley Rush’s “double–” making public appearances, attending Hollywood events, and even going out on dates with Haley’s high-profile “boyfriend” Brady. Veronica cannot imagine a more perfect scenario–enjoying the perks of being a celebrity, while still being able to return every night to her humble home and simple living. But when the pressure continues to mount and more and more is asked of Veronica, the lines blur between what is real life and what is fantasy life, and she must determine which is more important: being Haley, or being Veronica.

A cute, quick read, Just Like Me, Only Better will let the reader escape into the world of the celebrity, just as Veronica, but we, unfortunately, have no choice in eventually coming back down to reality 🙂


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