New “Walsh sisters” book by Keyes coming soon!

So I might be a little late on this. You might already know, and if so, throw me a bone, because I just read this and am SO. EXCITED.

Marian Keyes will soon be releasing a new book, The Mystery of Mercy Close. Okay that is great news in itself as I love all things Marian. But things get even better…the story is another about one of the Walsh sisters!!! Excellent news, right?  But wait, things are about to be even better yet (better-er?)…it’s about Helen Walsh! If you have read the other books in the Walsh sisters chronicles, you can easily understand why Helen is my favorite of the sisters. She is cooky, zany, bizarre, and brazen and always provides some comedic relief during the often tough situations about which Keyes writes. I was so distraught when I finished the Walsh books and realized there was still one sister left, but with no story! I had always wondered what Helen had gotten up to, and I guess now is my chance to find out.

When we last saw her in Anybody Out There she had started a career as a private investigator, and according to Keyes’ website updates, we pick back up with her as her occupation is flat lining. The storyline apparently follows Helen as she investigates the disappearance of a boy-band member, and works through her romantic past, present and future. Keyes herself has admitted that she thinks this book is a bit “darker” than hers previous, but also isn’t afraid to admit how proud she is of this novel. I say “you go girl,” we’re all rooting for you. Modesty is overrated.

I can’t wait to pick this one up. The release date is September 13, but I’m not sure if this will be in Ireland only or if it will come out in the States at the same time. I promise to keep you updated if I find out anything else! In the meantime, I plan on getting my Keyes fix by reading The Brightest Star in the Sky as I’m a little behind on this.

Glad to have you back, Marian–you and all the crazy, fabulous Walsh ladies!


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