“The Pact” by Jodi Picoult



Jodi Picoult is by far one of the most successful current fiction writers out there. Her book My Sister’s Keeper (previously reviewed) was a smash hit, and the movie version made over $78 million worldwide. It was the first book I read of hers, and so far, my second favorite, surpassed only by this novel, The Pact.

In true Picoult style, this story addresses a contreversial current issue (teenage suicide) and is full of excitement and page-turning suspense. The Pact follows high school sweethearts Chris Harte and Emily Gold and their descent into a dark place in which no one ever excpected them to end up.

The Golds and the Hartes have been family friends since their kids were young. They always hoped and dreamed of Emily and Chris ending up together and one day marrying. And as luck would have it,  as soon as the kids hit their teenage years, Chris and Emily fell in love and have dated ever since. Emily and Chris are both shining stars of their high school. Chris is a varsity swimmer and Emily, an achieved student. They are the epitome of a perfect high school couple, until deep depression leads to the death of Emily.

The Pact is shocking and impactful from the very beginning. The first page opens with Chris and Emily in a passionate embrace, being broken away by a gun shot–to Emily’s temple. The events that follow shatter the Harte’s and Gold’s image of perfection, as well as their close relationship. Emily is instantly killed, and Chris is rushed to the hospital for injuries. But the big mystery to all is why Emily is dead, and Chris is still alive.

At first, Chris insists that Emily made him swear to a suicide pact, to end both of their lives together. But when this story begins to unravel, Chris is targeted as the one who pulled the trigger on Emily–the one who killed his one true love.

Chris is put on trial for murder, and the book unveils his heartache as he grieves the loss of Emily, and tries to prove his innocence to his family, friends, and Emily’s parents. Intertwined with with Chris’ prison and court troubles, the novel also winds back in time, through Emily and Chris’ lives together, and the dark secrets the jury does not know.

The Pact will give keep you clinging on to each word, long after the chapters end. This book will resonate with anyone who has ever been in love, and understands the heartache of young life. I gurantee that Picoult will grab your interest with The Pact, and keep you as a loyal reader for years to come.