Rachel’s Holiday by Marian Keyes


It’s about time for another review of a book by my beloved Marian Keyes. If you haven’t already taken my advice and read Watermelon, do so A.S.A.P. so you can get to my favorite book in the Walsh sisters chronicles, Rachel’s Holiday.

Rachel’s Holiday follows another Walsh sister, Rachel, who moved from Ireland to New York, and got a little too wrapped up in the enticing big city scene. Rachel doesn’t see her love of partying, alcohol and drugs as anything more than something to pass the time, until she wakes up in the hospital after an overdose. And thanks to a dramatic piece of poetry she wrote the night before in her drug-induced stupor, the doctors also believe she’s suicidal.

After a lot of coercing from her family and friends, Rachel reluctantly returns back to Ireland to enter into drug rehab. But the prospect of going to the big-named treatment center has Rachel more excited than scared. She’s convinced she’ll meet celebrities, receive exclusive spa treatments, and emerge a glamorous, rejuvenated starlett. She could not be any more wrong. In treatment, Rachel battles with her addiction, her peers, her advisers, and mostly herself, until she discovers what she really wants her life to be.

Rachel’s Holiday gives a true look into drug treatment and rehab, and the struggles that everyday people can face when their innocent partying goes too far. Keyes tackles the issue of substance abuse in an honest, straightforward way, but breaks up the intensity with Rachel’s sarcastic humor and encounters with fellow rehab patients. Although Rachel’s Holiday deals with a serious current issue,  Keyes continues to weave in the lovable quirkiness of the Walsh family and the honest emotions of these women. A definite read for a serious story with a feel-good ending.


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