The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella

While I am not a huge fan of Sophie Kinsella’s best known book (and movie) Confessions of a Shopaholic, her other books, not in the ‘Shopaholic’ series are excellent. Warning: these are complete fluff books. They are fast, smooth reads, usually very predictable, and all with happy endings. However, if you need something quick to get through and put yourself in a good mood, Kinsella is your go-to girl.

The Undomestic Goddess is about successful attorney Samantha whose busy life is based solely on her law career. She can’t imagine her life without power, money, and success. But when she realizes a simple mistake she made at work one day, she enters a chaotic frenzy, and leaves her job, her home, and her life, without a word, and with no idea where she is going.

Samantha randomly ends up at the home of Trish and Eddie Geiger, who mistake her for the new hired help; their maid. Samantha is, as the title suggests, quite un-domestic, this being an understatement. She cannot cook. clean, iron, or do laundry. But she realizes it is too late for her to go back to her previous life and clean up her mess, so she decides to stay at the Geiger’s and attempts to become the housekeeping goddess they believer her to be.

Samantha quickly falls in love with more than just her adopted family and their breezy way of life–their hunky gardener Nathaniel becomes Samantha’s companion, and accesory in her deception.

But when the press gets news of the once powerful attorney who is now cleaning toilets and washing windows, they ambush Samantha and expose her secret to the Geigers. Will Samantha return to her previous world and pursue her dreams of making it as partner at her law firm, or will she decide that living the simply life is more than meets the eye?

Although rather cliche and fairy-tale-like, The Undomestic Goddess keeps a few twists hidden up its sleeves for the ending of the book. It is a story that will help you realize that although your dreams and aspirations and important to keep, don’t ever let them keep you from true happiness.

I’ve heard rumors and seen posts on other blogs that The Undomestic Goddess has been bought by Universal and it in in the works to become a movie. Hopefully this turns out to be true, and it becomes as big of a hit as ‘Shopaholic’–it’s a much better story!


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