Paperback Swap

I don’t know about you, but it’s very rare that I re-read a book a second or third time. And I tend to go through books fairly quickly. I usually buy a book, read it through once, and then that’s it. The book will sit on my bookshelf collecting dust for years, until a friend borrows it, or I simply get rid of it. With each paperback book costing around $15 at Borders or Barnes & Noble, this seems to be such a waste of money–a lost investment. books

While the library is often a great alternative to purchasing books, I still run into problems with this choice. First, my local library doesn’t get many new women’s fiction books in very often, so the selection is usually limited. Secondly, while this is a great way to obtain new books, it doesn’t do anything to the ones you already own.

I have found a solution: PaperBack Swap.

I first heard about the program on The Today Show (yes, I’m a news nerd) and I’ve also heard it was featured on Oprah, so you know it must be good. Basically, PaperBack Swap is a program that allows you to trade your used, read books for other ones you’d like to read.

First, visit and sign up. Next, you post information on the books you own that you are willing to trade with members of the site. You must post your own books in order to receive credits, and you can use each credit to request a book.

You can search through the website to find your book of interest, and PaperBack Swap has an EXCELLENT selection. Virtually every book or author that I have searched has been in the site’s collection. When you find a book you want, you simply order it and it will be shipped to your address. You can keep the book as long as you want, or you can read it, and post it right back on the site to share with someone else.

The only time you have to pay is when someone requests to order one of your books. If you get a request, you simply pay for the shipping costs. Shipping for a paperback book should only be around $5 at the most, so you’re still saving, on average, $10 per  book. What a deal!

This program is especially helpful in today’s day. It is a great way to save money in our troubled economy, and also a fun way to go green and recycle your good reads!


Please share your thoughts!

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