Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin


Darcy and Rachel have been best friends since they were¬† young. But beautiful Darcy has always been the one who gets everything she wants, and Rachel has somewhat resented her for this all along. When Rachel introduced Darcy to a friend of hers from law school, Dex, the two fall in love and plan to get married. This leads Darcy to name Rachel as the lucky winner of the Maid of Honor title. And she finds her life revolving around making Darcy’s wedding–and life–perfect.

But what happens when Rachel and Dex discover they have stronger feelings for each other than they originally thought? Rachel is stuck with the decision of what is more important: staying loyal to her best friend, or following true love.

Something Borrowed will have you sympathizing with both selfish, princess Darcy, and husband-stealing Rachel. It leads you on a journey of love’s hardest times, and friendship’s deepest struggles. Something Borrowed is followed up by Giffin’s second book, appropriately titled Something Blue. The book is just as good, if not better than its predecessor, and follows the life of Darcy…but the review of that will come later. Wouldn’t want to spoil what happens in ‘Borrowed!


Jemima J by Jane Green

Jemima J

I was having a hard time deciding which book to feature first for Literette. I wanted to use a book that nearly everyone would love. Something that would be appealing to women from all walks of life, and would solidify my status as an expert book critic (ha!) After pondering this for a while, I came up with one of my favorite books of all time, Jemima J by Jane Green.

Jane Green is one of the Fab Five, the queens of Chick-Lit. She has written over ten women’s fiction novels, and Jemima J is her best to date. The book follows 20-something Jemima, who struggles with her weight, and of course, with men. Something all of us ladies can relate to, right?

After being constantly teased at work and by her roommates, and lusting after Ben, the hearthrob at her Newspaper office, Jemima decides it is time to make a change. She meets gorgeous Californian, Brad, over an internet chat site, where she paints herself to be a beautiful stick thin confident girl. The two quickly fall for each other, and Brad finally does what Jemima never thought she would have to worry about. He asks her to come and visit him, face-to-face, in L.A.

As Jemima prepares herself to turn into the supermodel she has always wanted to be, she begins to ask herself a question…is being beautiful all it’s cracked up to be?

Jemima J is a heartwarming, easy read that will leave you wishing you had her determination and love for life. The book has several twists that I never saw coming, and it makes for an interesting read you never want to put down. The ending turns out…well, I’ll let you see for yourself!

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